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Rhema Consulting International

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Transformational Leadership Guidance

Executive Coaching brings Sharon’s wisdom, and experience into your environment. She helps you discover those hidden issues which are causing those missteps, so together you can creatively and strategically find solutions in your work and life.  Sharon says "It is always a good strategy to examine your preparedness before you start anything"

As Your Change Agent, I will help you:

  • Go deeper into the understanding of yourself
  • Live a life of purpose and fulfillment
  • Discover your answers to powerful relevant questions
  • Be your friend, confident, supporter, encourager
  • Motivate you to go places you have never gone before
  • Be accountable and help you stay on track
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles, find opportunities
  • Convert your “want-to’s” into concrete steps
  • Develop your problem-solving skills
  • Learn how to do what you say
  • Prepare to conquer much bigger challenges in the future

Your Three Legs of Support and Success Through Coaching


Focus your vision for your life, work smarter to achieve personal goals, fulfill promises to yourself, overcome procrastination, strategically manage your time.


The natural outcome of personal and professional development is that you will become a leader and an inspiration to those around you. You are Born to Lead


Sharpen your skills, approach obstacles as if they are opportunities, successfully navigate through challenging tasks, and adversities, find the confidence you didn’t know you had.