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Rhema Consulting International

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Build & support your dream team with Rhema Consulting International LLC. 

Allow us to help you build a strong, cohesive right, and tight superhero team – no obstacle is too big, too hard, too scary – every obstacle becomes an opportunity to soar!

Leadership Workshops

  • The Effective Leader: Understanding Traits versus Styles
  • Who is on My Team: Harnessing the Power of Different Personalities
  • The Road-map to Setting and Executing Powerful Goals
  • Making it Plain: Developing a Clear Vision and Mission
  • Commitment, Unity, Excellence: Team Building Strategies
  • Being Heard: The Art of Effective Communication
  • The Benefits of Shared Leadership
  • The Art of Delegating: Prevent Burnout, Discover Hidden Treasures
  • Avoiding Crisis: The Importance of Ethical and Moral Leadership

We are all Leaders